AJL Software Engineering
So much more than code
Acceptable solutions are those that work. For business, for people, for projects and for technology. AJL Software Engineering has 15 years of experience creating useable solutions in the areas of finance, heavy engineering, tourism and transport. Our projects vary from high availibility safety systems to databases, websites and smartphone apps
We have designed and built for for a range of customers and businesses.
Database. Microsoft and open source.
Mobile Tools. Tablets, phones on Android, Apple and Microsoft.
Websites for engineering applications
Applications for Windows
Custom. Sometimes you just need a number cruncher. We can help.
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Some free software we are able to share with you
A web app designed for your smart phone or tablet
Quick Pause
A windows app to remind you to take breaks from the beyboard. The optional online reporting option helps manage and reduce computer usage.
Toastmaster Timer
A web app for timing Toastmasters speeches
Toastmaster Practise
A fun page to practise toastmaster table topics online